Jean and Lorna: Bedside Manner (Backdated)
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Jean finds Lorna in the medlab after this post and tends to her.

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Email to Ms. Dane
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From: Abbott, Hope
To: Dane, Lorna
Subject: Tomorrow

Hey Ms. Dane,

I was wondering if everything was going well for tomorrow for kitchen? Decorating is nearly done and I am currently working on the egg hunt.


Log: Returning Home
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John meets up with his adopted father, ready for a trip back to the unknown.

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Email to the school staff
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To: [xavier's staff]
From: [sefton, amanda]

Subject: Public Service Announcement

So, any objections if we arrange sometime in the next few days for a "How Not To Fuck With Magic 101" talk with the kids? Again? Apparently being kidnapped to magical dimensions by Slendermen and fighting stone scorpion statues isn't enough to make the kids realise they don't go around picking up random artifacts. I've got this particular instance under control now, but seeing how these particular kids are magnets for magical trouble, better safer than sorry.


How is it the 17th already?
I mean, I just stepped 'into' Kiev for a couple of hours to check up on things in the Ukraine, and now it's Thursday?

Oops. Time flies when you're in a city having a rebellion.

Um, so happy birthday, Gar. Drinks later?

Wait, if it's Gar's birthday, that means mine was sometime earlier this week. Double oops. Still, it explains the mystery cupcake that appeared in the fridge.

Email to Amanda, CC: Susan & Tandy
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To: [Sefton, Amanda]
CC: [Storm, Susan], [Bowen, Tandy]
From: [Mazur, Namor]

Subject: Magic.

Cara D. Amanda,

I apologize for troubling you so soon after our encounter last week, but I afraid that there is another issue:

There is a stone that glows around me.

My bluntness is regrettable, but I understand that you often are involved in things this vague and confusing. I also remember you had asked during our first meeting about magical artifacts. It is only one stone, and it happens to be from the cave that came to life last summer. Miss Bowen and I have already lectured Miss Storm on the lack of common sense associated with taking artifacts from hostile magical settings. The stone has not yet summoned an army of stone scorpions (to the best of my knowledge).

Please let me know if you have the time to chat about this in person.

Namor, M de McKenzie

Fluctuat nec mergitur

Backdated to Thursday 4/10.
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Tandy, Sue and Namor are on their way into the City when they discover Sue's necklace glows.

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Log: Maddie and Sue: Spring Break (reuploaded)
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Sue and Maddie decide to spend spring break at a friend's beach house in California.

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Email to Headmaster Xavier, Counselor Haller
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To: [Xavier, Charles], [Haller, David]

Subject: Proper Etiquette for Emergency Situations

Prezado Sr/a.,

Sirs, I have been increasingly concerned about the lack of formal education given to new students in how to properly handle powers-related incidents. This is not to openly criticize the current structure — I found the tour and additional information to be pleasant, informative reading — but instead to suggest that the School reconsiders how it addresses potential crisis situations of the mundane powers variety.

I speak, of course, of the precognitive incident I experienced with Miss Colbert. While I am sufficient to the task of first aid, I feel as though I was not properly equipped to handle the situation if it had progressed into a full epileptic fit or past controllable auto-writing levels. Miss Colbert has been with the mansion for some time, as I understand, so events like these are likely more common than not.

It also strikes me as problematic that every new person I encounter seems to downplay the imminent danger that they claim hovers over the school. I expect that there are proper channels and systems in place to deal with these situations (and the evacuation information included in the new student booklet/training was most welcome), but none of these were on the tour.

I apologize if I have somehow missed these items in formal writing, but the best weapon is preparation.

Namor, Marques de McKenzie, Heir Apparent to the Dukedom of Thakkor

(no subject)
Happy Passover, Jewish friends.

(Actually, I don't know that I have any Jewish friends.)